Top technology for top results.

At Fairway Capital Recovery we strive to provide the best solutions for our clients. We have invested significant financial and human resources in our technology to maximize performance and compliance. Fairway Capital Recovery leverages all that current technology has to offer. Our IT staff has extensive experience in project management, telephony, interface development, networking, virtual private networking, file transfer protocol connectivity, network security, and more. The following systems support our debt recovery programs by providing the best tools for our staff and monitoring and auditing capabilities for our management team.

Debt Recovery System

Fairway Capital Recovery uses the Titanium ORE platform provided by CRSoftware Inc. The critical advantages to this system include the ability to:

  • Configure our own processes
  • Choose our own components and vendors with this open system
  • Enhance workflows using what works best for us
  • Direct our own report creation, scheduling and distribution options
  • Scale to meet our needs
  • Easily import and export data
  • Deploy ironclad security


With Titanium Ore we can Extract, Transform and Load. We can connect to everything we meet.
Underlying the Titanium platform is an extensive library of connectivity able to access data from whatever system or source, wherever it might be hiding within your enterprise, using whatever legacy application might still be chugging away. This capacity, using the Pervasive Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool, is also rapidly extensible. We are able to:

  • Analyze and process explosive volumes of data
  • Profile and cleanse data quickly and efficiently
  • Meet data compliance requirements, testing 100% of the data, not just a sample
  • Depend on complete automation of common routines with no need for manual involvement.

Mercury Integrated Dialer

Fairway Capital Recovery uses the Mercury Predictive Dialer provided by CRSoftware Inc. Our dialer works in real-time and is fully integrated with our Titanium Ore collection software. Some features of our dialer are:


  • Real-time integration guarantees compliance with FDCPA as well as state and client policies
  • Real-time statistics include online agent and line monitoring, contact statistics and payment information
  • Manage campaigns in real time
  • Flexible outbound calling campaigns can be managed on demand